Brazilian police uncover plot to kidnap TV journalist

Through social networks, Brazilian military police discovered a plot to kidnap journalist José Luiz Datena, host of the television program "Urgent Brazil," on the night of Wednesday, March 28, according to a column written by journalist Flávio Ricco of UOL.

According to the news site Último Segundo, the suspects planned an ambush on the Castelo Branco highway, a route that Datena usually takes to drive back home.

With the information obtained, the police were able to locate the vehicle that would be used for the kidnapping, according to Bahia Notícias. The vehicle was stolen and had a license plate from the state of Pará.

"A policeman contacted me and told me that a group of criminals would kidnap me today, at 9 p.m., at a place where I always drive through," said Datena on his program. The journalist also said that he is not afraid and will not be escorted by security, but he asked the criminals to stay away from his family. "I hope if one day you commit a crime like this, it will be with me...Don't involve my family," he said.

See the video below with Datena's comments on the attempted kidnapping.