Caller threatens to kidnap Venezuelan journalist during live broadcast

On Thursday, March, 15, a Venezuelan journalist was publicly threatened with kidnapping while broadcasting live for a TV and radio station in Anzoátegui, reported the news site Noticiasdeaquí.net.

The TV anchor for channel Órbita TV, Sara Vargas García, was conducting her program “Press Summary” and reporting on a kidnapping that happened in the city. When she answered a call from the audience, an unknown caller told her to keep quiet or she would be the next one kidnapped, according to the NGO Public Space.

Vargas filed a complaint after the threat with the Scientific, Penal, and Criminal Investigations agency, the Anti-Extortion and Kidnapping agency, and the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service, which already have located the unknown caller.

On March 16, a statement from the National Journalists Union said that the incident was a "type of intimidation against the practice of professional journalism" and warned that letting these incidents go un-punished encourages a "chain reaction against reporters" from those who don't share the same point of view.