Community radio reporter becomes 2nd Brazilian journalist attacked in same week

On the evening of Oct. 3, Brazilian journalist Francisco Cidimar Ferreira Sombra was attacked and gunmen fired several shots at his home in the city of Russas in the northeastern state of Ceará, reported Ceará Agora. The shots narrowly missed the room where the journalist's son sleeps.

The attack on Ferreira is the second in only a week against the Brazilian press. On Oct. 5, a gunman fired six shots into the car of journalist Sérgio Ricardo de Almeida da Luz, parked in front of the journalist's home.

Cid Ferreira, as he's known, hosts community radio shows about social and political issues on Araibú FM. The attack could have been a reprisal for something said on his program, according to the blog Crato Notícias.

The journalist testified to Russas Delegate Luciano Barretos that he did not know who committed the attack and said he did not receive any threats beforehand, reported the newspaper O Povo. "He's well liked in the city and his program is very popular," the delegate said. The Russas police are still investigating.