Computer-assisted reporting expert speaks with the Knight Center about new tools for data journalism

Knowing how to write source code and manage data sets are skills no longer reserved for nerds; data journalism is a growing field in reporting. But, if you're not part of the (big) group of journalists that aren't familiar with coding, you can still take advantage of some digital tools to lessen the work behind a story.

José Roberto de Toledo, vice president of the Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism and specialist in computer-assisted reporting, spoke with the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas about some innovative applications for data journalism presented at Spark Camp.

*Google Refine: A tool for working with "messy data," this free software helps combine and analyze data sets with common, but not identical, fields.

*Panda Project: Winner of the Knight News Challenge, this open-source database for newsrooms compiles large amounts of data to give quick context to a story.

*Overview: Another winner of the Knight News Challenge, this software searches large amounts of data to find patterns and then visualize them.