Cuban journalist famous for 135-day hunger strike says police attacked him

An opposition group reported that the Cuban police brutally attacked an independent journalist renowned for going on a 135-day hunger strike leading up to Cuba's release of more than 50 political prisoners, according to the newspaper Diario de Cuba.

The United Anti-Totalitarian Juan Wilfrido Soto García Front published a story that said that journalist Guillermo Fariñas was injured on his left arm after being beaten by Cuban security agents. Allegedly the attack happened in front of a woman's house who was on a hunger strike protesting rape threats that her daughter received. The journalist filed a report with the Military Prosecutor on June 10, according to his Twitter account.

Fariñas, a dissident journalist who has been arrested on several occasions, in 2010 won the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought.

Note from the editor: This story was originally published by the Knight Center’s blog Journalism in the Americas, the predecessor of LatAm Journalism Review.