Cuban official media demand greater access to state sources

The Cuban Union of Journalists (UPEC in Spanish), a syndicate aligned with the Cuban government, demanded greater access to information from official sources, according to a statement by the union.

UPEC President Tubal Páez Hernández highlighted the role of the press in a time of change for the island's economic and social model.

The editor of the official newspaper Granma in the province of Cienfuegos complained about the "delayed responses and silence from government agencies and businesses," reported the news agency AFP.

Even President Raúl Castro has criticized the culture of secrecy inculcated by the Cuban regime. The newspaper Granma accused state officials of obstructing the media's access to information, reported the newspaper Diario de Cuba.

During the First National Conference of the Communist Party, party members discussed the placement of recent graduating students in the field of journalism, reported Radio Reloj.