Honduran reporters threatened after accusing police of killing university students

Honduran journalists covering police and judicial issues publicly denounced the National Police for threatening and harassing them because of their investigations into the killing of two students from the National University of Honduras, according to IFEX and C-Libre.

The newspaper Tiempo reported that police in the capital, Tegucigalpa, have been investigating journalists, cameramen and photojournalists covering the killings as a form of intimidation.

The intimidation against journalists and prosecutors investigating the case originates with the publication of articles connecting the police to the Oct. 22 killings, reported La Prensa. As a result, several police officers have been fired, according to the news agency EFE.

President Ricardo Álvarez of the National Party asked the minister of security to do more to protect journalists threatened for writing about insecurity in the country, reported El Heraldo.