Indigenous activist and media worker killed in Colombia

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  • October 29, 2010

By Ingrid Bachmann

Rodolfo Maya Aricape, a renowned leader in the indigenous movement of Caloto (in the department, or state, of Cauca), was shot to death when two armed individuals broke into his home on Oct. 14, 2010, reported the Foundation for Press Freedom (FLIP).

Maya also was a correspondent for Payumat radio, where he got to know the conditions of the community, explained EFE. According to El Tiempo, Maya was accustomed to going to indigenous demonstrations with a video camera to record the demands of the people and the work of the community.

Although it is not clear if the crime was related to Maya's journalistiv work, FLIP called on authorities to investigate the case and the motives behind the crime.

Note from the editor: This story was originally published by the Knight Center’s blog Journalism in the Americas, the predecessor of LatAm Journalism Review.