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Illustration of the AI tool Odin Project, developed by Colombian media outlet Cuestión Pública.

Cuestión Pública of Colombia creates AI tool to improve daily coverage with investigative journalism

Colombian investigative journalism outlet Cuestión Pública developed Odin, a tool that uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence methodologies to take advantage of information from its extensive databases to cover current events. Odin reduces content production time and allows verified and contextualized information to reach more readers.

Two men shaking hands over Colombian pesos in background

Official advertising used to censor media and to ‘self-promote’ leaders in Colombia, according to FLIP

After twelve years of investigating official advertising in Colombia, the Foundation for Press Freedom (FLIP) said that this public resource is used mainly by public administrations to censor the media and influence their editorial line, as well as for leaders to promote themselves as public figures.

Illustration depicting a bloody microphone entangled in a knot of barbed wire. (Photo: Courtesy CONNECTAS)

From discredit to censorship, what happens when power comes after the press in Latin America

With their campaigns against independent media, the governments of several Latin American countries are beginning to threaten press freedom. Can Nicolás Maduro and Daniel Ortega's extreme of media blockages and closures be replicated?

Viewed from behind, Fluminense fans wearing team shirts and some shirtless individuals are seen rushing towards a conflict. In the background, a group is engaged in a collective brawl outside Maracanã stadium in Rio de Janeiro

Violence from soccer fans poses another risk to journalists in Latin America

Cases of beatings, attacks and insults from fans against journalists have multiplied in many countries in Latin America. Behind the attacks, there may be new codes of conduct among violent fans and a deep intolerance for difference.

A group of journalists outside in jackets

Latin American network creating security protocol for journalists and communicators working in Indigenous territories

Red Tejiendo Historias, a project of digital media outlet Agenda Propia, is working on a security protocol for journalists and communicators reporting in Indigenous territories of Latin America. It’s based on two manifestos the network has written that call attention to risks they face when reporting.

aerial view of deforested area in the brazilian amazon

Reporters covering environment and climate in Latin America confront threats and harassment in the field

Environmental and climate journalists face extreme risks, including physical and legal threats, when reporting on environmental degradation, according to a new report from the International Press Institute. In Latin America, organized crime, businesses and corrupt state forces represent the main threats to these professionals, Barbara Trionfi, author of the report, told LJR.

Illustration depicting a robot reading a newspaper, with a tech-futuristic background

Journalists from 15 Latin American countries participate in the first JournalismAI Academy for Small Newsrooms in Spanish

Journalists selected for the first Spanish edition of the JournalismAI Academy for Small Newsrooms will seek to learn how to take advantage of artificial intelligence to optimize processes, reduce workload, improve audience engagement and strengthen sustainability. Media from 15 Latin American countries will be represented in the eight-week program.

Man in front of a computer displaying a videogame.

Colombian and Peruvian news outlets bet on 'gamification' to attract young audiences and make an impact

With interactive games, independent media outlets Cuestión Pública and Convoca, from Colombia and Peru, respectively, seek to bring the news to younger audiences, to contribute to greater media literacy and to present complex investigations in a playful way.

woman looking at the camera, leaning on a. green fence, outdoors

Court sentences former intelligence official in case of torture against Colombian journalist Claudia Duque

A Superior Court of Colombia recently sentenced one of those involved in the case of aggravated torture against journalist Claudia Julieta Duque to 12 years in prison. The journalist said the sentence left a “bitter” taste because the convicted former intelligence official is on the run.

Featured Image Journalists with cases in impunity

#ENDIMPUNITY: Justice in crimes against Latin American journalists demands long fight

To mark the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists, which is celebrated every Nov. 2, LatAm Journalism Review (LJR) is highlighting four cases of journalists from Latin America and the Caribbean that, for the most part, remain unpunished.