More than 100 Argentine journalists call for government to give press conferences

More than 100 Argentine journalists called for the government to guarantee access to public information, and for there to be press conferences, which, according to Argentine journalists, almost don't exist in the country, reported the news agency La Información, and the newspaper Clarín.

“We want to ask!,” shouted the journalists repeatedly, who met at the program Journalism for All, hosted by journalist Jorge Lanata, complaining that President Cristina Kirchner's administration does not allow freedom of press to be exercised in the country, reported the newspaper La Nación.

The journalists from print, radio, and television media used the hashtag #queremospreguntar to spread the message on Twitter, which “turned into one of the most commented-on trending topics worldwide,” according to the El Día.

The group of journalists, which are part of the organization Conferencia de Prensa, published a statement, "The people cannot know what it's about," which was signed by more than 160 journalists, according to the news site Terra.

On Feb. 27, the Argentine Journalism Forum (FOPEA in Spanish), complained to the government about the lack of press conferences, which reaffirmed the urgency of the matter, not only for journalists, but also for the citizens of Argentina. Two months afterwards, the Kirchner administration was criticized by the Inter American Press Association for being “arbitrary and intolerant” with the press, because of the lack of government transparency.