Newspaper reporter attacked in El Salvador for trying to film a union Christmas party

A government employee attacked a reporter for the newspaper La Prensa Gráfica in El Salvador while she tired to film a union party on Dec. 8, reported the newspaper.

Reporter Jéssica Ávalos was attacked while she tried to film a Christmas party thrown by the Accounts Court Employee Association (ADEC in Spanish) during office hours.

Union member Yury William Saca is seen on the video trying to grab Ávalos' cell phone, saying that the party was a "private event," according to El Mundo.

Ávalos told the newspaper that ADEC's president, Donaldo Martínez, said the meeting was to audit the union's accounts and that the money spent on the event was the union's. "They asked me to leave, but before I left I wanted to take some pictures to prove whether it was a party or an audit," Ávalos told El Mundo.

The reporter was forcibly removed from the building and her phone was not returned to her until she was outside, according to ElSalvador.com

For more on this story, see the video Ávalo shot on La Prensa Gráfica's website.