Newspaper reporter threatened while interviewing mayor in Mexico

A reporter for the Mexican newspaper Noroeste received an anonymous threat on his cellphone, reported the organization IFEX.

Luis Peraza Ibarra, journalist in the city of Concordia, Sinaloa, received the threat on his cellphone while interviewing the local mayor, José Eligio Medina Ríos, on Dec. 6, according to Noroeste. The journalist covers politics and city news, and does not normally cover topics like public security or organized crime, according to the publication.

Peraza, 23, who just recently started his job as a journalist, suspects that the threats are related to a highway construction project near land owned by the mayor, reported Article 19.

This is not the first threat Noroeste employees have faced. The most dangerous was on Sept. 1, 2010, when gunmen opened fire on the newspaper's offices hours after calling in a bomb threat. On July 2, 2011, a body was left in front of the newspaper's offices in the port city of Mazatlán.