Paraguayan guerrilla group sends threatening letter to radio journalist

Paraguayan journalist received a threatening letter at his home on Tuesday, May 8, from the Paraguayan People's Army (EPP in Spanish), reported the radio station 970 AM. The letter said "No to bourgeois journalism, protected by corrupt, nepotistic public officials. The armed struggle continues,” reported the newspaper Última Hora.

The threatened journalist, Claudia Cazal, radio broadcaster for Aquidaban in Concepción, north of the capital of Asunción, and niece of government official Miguel Oscar Bajack, said the letter was an attempt to intimidate her because a few months previously she had said on the air that the EPP was probably correct in wanting an egalitarian society, but that the group was using the wrong methods , reported the Associated Press. This is the first time the journalist has received this type of threat, said the newspaper ABC Color.

In addition, about three blocks away from Cazal's home, the Special Police Task Force found a suspicious suitcase in the house of prosecutor Dora Irrazabal, reported ABC Color. The suitcase only contained papers and the ID card of Miguel Alarcón, member of the Workers Union of the Paraguayan Sanitary Service Business, added ABC Color.