Peruvian radio host fired after losing favor with local mayor

radio host in Peru claimed she was fired because of pressure from the mayor of her city, Cajabamba, in the north of the country, reported the Press and Society Institute (IPYS in Spanish).

Reporter Yanina Póveda Mercedes, host of the radio program Contacto Informativo on the station Julices, was fired on Monday, Oct. 24. Póveda said that the station owner, Carlos Ibáñez, told her she couldn't go back on the air because of pressure from Mayor Wilson Pesantes Alayo..

Póveda had reported on irregularities with the security service and construction of public works projects along a river in the municipality, according to IPYS.

Aggression against the journalist didn't stop with her firing, reported Mercurio de Cajamarca. Póveda was covering an accident caused by neglect on the part of municipal officials for another media group in the state of Cajamarca when security personnel ran her off, tried to grab her video camera and attacked her, reported the same publication.

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