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Projects use generative AI to bring Indigenous languages to the news in Peru

Illariy and Quispe Chequea are tools developed in Peru that use generative artificial intelligence resources to create text, audio and video content in Indigenous languages. Both initiatives have demonstrated the potential of this technology to satisfy the information needs of marginalized populations, while contributing to the linguistic diversity of that country.

Gustavo Gorriti

Journalists back director of Peruvian investigative site IDL-Reporteros in face of disinformation campaign

Journalists from different media, personalities and ordinary citizens from around the world reject a campaign of attacks and harassment against the director of Peruvian investigative journalism site IDL-Reporteros, Gustavo Gorriti.

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Journalists from 15 Latin American countries participate in the first JournalismAI Academy for Small Newsrooms in Spanish

Journalists selected for the first Spanish edition of the JournalismAI Academy for Small Newsrooms will seek to learn how to take advantage of artificial intelligence to optimize processes, reduce workload, improve audience engagement and strengthen sustainability. Media from 15 Latin American countries will be represented in the eight-week program.


Journalism training program amplifies Indigenous reporting on public health in Peruvian Amazon

Due to the lack of visibility of public health problems of Indigenous communities of Peru, digital media outlet Salud con Lupa created a training and scholarship program for journalism in the Peruvian Amazon. It also developed a network of Indigenous health communicators in the region.

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Journalists in Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela face invisible risk factors in terms of their mental health, according to researcher

According to recent research from Ecuador, journalism in Latin America is a profession with invisible psychosocial risk factors, a situation that was aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The main researcher and four journalists explain how to face this reality in daily work.

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Colombian and Peruvian news outlets bet on 'gamification' to attract young audiences and make an impact

With interactive games, independent media outlets Cuestión Pública and Convoca, from Colombia and Peru, respectively, seek to bring the news to younger audiences, to contribute to greater media literacy and to present complex investigations in a playful way.

Edifício em pedra que serve como sede do jornal El Comercio em Lima, Peru

After 10 years, judge rules that El Comercio has monopoly in print in Peru; he is penalized soon after

After 10 years of legal proceedings, a Peruvian judge of the first instance annulled the purchase of Grupo Epensa by Grupo El Comercio, claiming that this transaction creates a monopoly that threatens freedom of expression. The decision has been seen as historic, but still faces appeals in higher courts.

Collage of images of the social repression in Ayacucho, Perú on December 15, 2022.

Gabo Award-winning story by IDL-Reporteros from Peru shows power of reconstruction journalism to cover social repression

With a video investigation based on open-source forensic reconstruction, two journalists from Peruvian news outlet IDL-Reporteros challenged the government’s lack of transparency and uncovered the truth about a violent repression incident in the city of Ayacucho that left 10 dead. The work was awarded the 2023 Gabo Prize in the Image category.

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'What we journalists have to confront the most at the moment is people’s distrust,' says leader of Peruvian journalists' association

The president of the National Association of Journalists of Peru, Zuliana Lainez, talked about the current situation of independent journalism in Latin America, the persistent judicial harassment against the press, and the current crisis of confidence in the media in Peru.

Leader of a kechwa Amazonian community in Peru with journalist Hugo Anteparra during an expedition in the Amazon rainforest.

‘Investigatour' program seeks to strengthen investigative journalism skills of journalists from the Amazon region of Peru and Ecuador

Investigatour Amazonía, an initiative created by Convoca in Peru and replicated by Fundamedios in Ecuador, aims to encourage the training of journalists from Amazon regions. The focus is on data journalism, digital narratives and security so that journalists can develop in-depth stories on environmental conflicts and organized crime suffered by their communities.