Pro-Chavez demonstrators in Venezuela blame TV station for violence against its members

On Sunday, March 11, the group La Piedrita (Little Stone) held a protest at the entrance of television station Globovisión, requesting the Venezuelan government investigate the death of two group members killed in an armed confrontation that occurred in a Caracas neighborhood on Saturday, reported the newspaper El Universo.

As they shouted "Viva Chávez!," the group went to the entrance of the TV station's headquarters with hearses, reported the site La Patilla. The protestors claimed that Globovisión was responsible for the deaths, alleging that the station funds paramilitary groups, creating a "fear and instability campaign" to portray the neighborhood as a violent area, reported the site Panorama.

The spokesman of the group said that the protest did not have the intention of attacking the employees of the station, but instead was to demand a response, and he reminded the station that "its expiration date is due next month," reported the site Noticiero Digital.

On March 10, the group Secretariado Revolucionário da Venezuela (Revolutionary Secretariat of Venezuela) said in a statement that Globovisión was responsible for creating "media violence" as the station "magnified" the violent acts that occurred in Barrio 23 de Enero, reported the network International Freedom of Expression Exchange. The group also accused the newspaper "Últimas Notícias" of being part of a "media terrorism campaign."