Protection requested for Honduran journalist after death threats

Journalist Mario Castro Rodríguez, director of the Globo TV news program "The scourge of corruption" in Honduras, claims to have received death threats via text messages, according to the Press and Society Institute.

The journalist also said that four masked gunmen followed him home in a white vehicle without license plates and tinted windows after work one night, reported the group C-Libre.

Castro and his brother Edgardo Castro Rodríguez, who are both currently under protection after the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights asked the Honduran state to take precautionary measures, founded a news program after the Jun. 28, 2009 coup d'état, said C-Libre Honduras.

The program is known for denouncing corruption, human rights violations, and killings of journalists and peasants committed by former de facto President Roberto Micheletti. The Castro brothers both sympathize with the deposed President Manuel Zelaya's political party Broad Popular Resistance Front, reported Tercera Información.

The group School of Americas Watch sent a letter to the Honduran Supreme Court of Justice and the Attorney General demanding protection for the journalists and an investigation into those responsible for the threats.

On Thursday, Sept. 8, a journalist sympathetic to ex-President Zelaya was killed. In total, 15 journalists have been killed in Honduras over the last 18 months.