Reporter and newspaper in Mexico accuse mayor of ordering attacks

The newspaper El Sol del Sur published a leaflet denouncing telephone threats it received, the sabotage of its website, and police aggression against reporters covering the expulsion of street vendors in Cuidad Madero in the border state of Tamaulipas.

Reporter Mario Alberto Segura, who filmed the police's violent expulsion of street vendors from the center of the Gulf Coast city, was beaten and arrested on orders from the mayor on Sept. 21, according to the website MetroNoticias.

Both the reporter and the website El Sol del Sur brought the accusation against the mayor of Cuidad Madero, Jaime Turrubiates Solís, to the Attorney General of the Republic's Special Prosecutor for Crimes Committed against Journalists, reported the newspaper Despertar de Tamaulipas.

Mexico is widely considered the most dangerous country in the world for journalists. Click here to see a Knight Center map of attacks on the press in the country.