The challenges of going digital: Brazilian editor discusses lessons learned from newspaper's iPad app

The Brazilian newspaper O Globo's recently launched iPad app "O Globo a Mais" is an afternoon publication that includes the highlights of the newspaper's printed version plus exclusive digital material. Pedro Doria, O Globo's editor for online, explained in an interview with the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas the different challenges of transitioning from paper to tablet.

Doria, panelist at the 13th International Symposium on Digital Journalism, highlighted the importance of integrating the newspaper's newsroom into the process of creating a digital platform for the tablet. With this process almost finalized, the newsroom produces information in three formats: print, Internet, and tablet.

"We are starting to learn what a tablet is and how it is different from other devices," said Doria.The tablet uses a similar edition of the printed version, but with online tools, such as audio, and video. The difference between the three formats is in the time of day in which they are used and how the reader interacts with each of these formats. The biggest lesson of this experience, according to Doria, is that the same characteristics of printed journalism are applied in the digital platforms: "the longer texts will be read."