U.S. photojournalist says he was unjustly arrested in Chile, criticizes police brutality

U.S. journalist working in Chile said he was unjustly arrested, and criticized the police brutality that has worsened since multiple protests erupted in Chile in May 2011, reported the news agency UPI.

Photojournalist Jason Suder, who works for the Chilean newspaper The Santiago Times, published an article on the The Huffington Post's website Tuesday, March 6, entitled "How to be arrested in Chile without breaking the law,” which details his confrontation with the Chilean police.

Suder was detained for taking photos of the violent arrest of a man during a demonstration in Santiago that supported the residents of Aysén, explained the newspaper El Mostrador.

In his article, Suder points out that Chile slipped 47 places in the Reporters Without Borders' 2011-2012 Global Press Freedom Rankings, precisely for the rise in arrests and attacks on journalists during political protests.

In response to Suder's article and the demands of various other journalists and photographers, the Chilean police presented an official document recognizing that photographing public servants is not illegal, reported the organization Generation 80's Movement.

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