Venezuelan radio journalist threatened by state officials

The radio host of the program "Semicolon," Adolfo Superlano, requested protection from the prosecutor's office as the journalist said he felt threatened and feared being physically abused by officials of the state of Barinas, in southwest Venezuela, reported the network International Freedom of Expression Exchange (IFEX) on Friday, March 9.

Superlano told the Press and Society Institute of Barinas that during the radio broadcast of his show, more than 80 state officials led by Secretary General Antonio Albarrán arrived at the station, Barinesa 92.7 FM, with the intention to attack the journalist. However, the announcer was already warned of the possible attack and so he broadcast the program via telephone, away from the station.

The journalist added that the station's director, Jesús Mora, was intimidated by the officials and the owners of the radio station were pressured to take the program off the air, reported the site La Prensa de Barinas. The program covers local political issues and criticizes state corruption.

According to a study done last year by IPYS, Barinas has the second-highest level of media censorship in Venezuela.

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