13 attacks against the press registered in Ecuador during first two days of national strike

"Journalists Juan Carlos Sola and Brayan Borja, of the digital news outlet La Voz Ciudadana EC, were attacked by a group of demonstrators in Guaranda, Ecuador. They punched and hit them while complaining they were filming.

Juan Carlos Sola told Fundamedios that they were trying to take footage of a confrontation between a driver and protesters in La Plaza del Carnaval. At that moment it happened: 'A man approached me and began to attack me, despite having a physical disability and using a prosthesis, they attacked me with shoves, they hit us with fists, and even with the iron they use to puncture tires,' he said.


Including these cases, Fundamedios has registered 13 aggressions against the press during two days of the national strike."

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