Brazil: Journalists are attacked by Bolsonaro's security guards in Bahía

"A TV Bahía team, affiliated with TV Globo, was attacked by security guards and supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) this Sunday morning, Dec. 12, in Itamaraju. The President visited the area after heavy rains caused damage to the south of Bahia.

According to TV Globo, reporter Camila Marinho and cameraman Cleriston Santana were waiting for the Bolsonaro helicopter to land at the Juárez Barbosa municipal stadium. When the president came down the stairs, TV Bahía reporters and other stations tried to approach him with microphones to interview the Executive.

One of Bolsonaro's security guards prevented the journalists from approaching, and even grabbed the woman reporter with his forearm and had her in a "headlock," according to the chain. The aggression was not filmed due to the confusion, according to TV Globo”.

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