Criminal complaints filed against journalists in Guatemala after publication on public interest case

“Journalists Marvin del Cid and Sonny Figueroa were denounced on May 21 by María Luisa Morales Gatica de Martínez and Claudia Ivonne Martinez Morales de Girón because of a journalistic investigation into the luxury properties that relatives of the former director of the Center of Government, Luis Miguel Martínez Morales, occupied during his tenure and after he left office.

The complaint was filed before a femicide court, headed by Judge Michelle Dardón Aguilera, who prohibited journalists from publishing information about them and Miguel Martínez, as part of various security measures dictated in their favor.

Through a criminal complaint, Morales Gatica de Martínez and Martínez Morales de Girón accuse the journalists of coercion and violence against women in their psychological manifestations, based on the Law Against Femicide and other Forms of Violence Against Women."


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