Five administrations, same impunity: Eight years after the murder of Mexican journalist Moisés Sánchez

"Today [Jan. 24] marks eight years since Moisés Sánchez, a foot journalist in Medellín de Veracruz, was found dead. On Jan. 2, 2015, a convoy with armed subjects entered the home of José Moisés Sánchez Cerezo, director of La Unión: La Voz de Medellín, deprived him of his freedom and kidnapped him for 22 days, in Medellín de Bravo, Veracruz. On Jan. 24, 2015, Moisés Sánchez was found dead.

During all this time, access to justice has been constrained and is at serious risk.  Meanwhile, the investigation of the case has been tainted by human rights violations ranging from the arrest of police officers to the torture of a confessed perpetrator. All these actions were aimed at building a distorted and functional "historical truth" for the then governor Javier Duarte and his then Prosecutor, Luis Angel Bravo. For this reason, the case before the justice authorities is shaky."

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