Peruvian journalist denounces death threats and hacking of email

  • Source: IPYS
  • February 22, 2021

“On Feb. 20, 2021,  journalist Carlos Paredes denounced to IPYS that he has received death threats to his cell phone. He also found that his email was hacked to steal and circulate a preliminary version of his book El Lagarto. The event occurred in Lima, the country's capital.

Paredes' book is about former president Martín Vizcarra. One of the main revelations is that he and his wife were vaccinated in October 2020 with the doses that came for the clinical study of the Sinopharm vaccines. This fact has caused one of the biggest political crises in the country when it was known that more than 400 people including public officials, authorities and others were secretly and irregularly vaccinated."


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