Gender and Diversity

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Latin American media can participate in design of protocol on violence against women journalists

"We invite Latin American media to participate in the design of a Framework Protocol on Gender Violence, the date will be between the end of May and the beginning of June 2024 and it will take place virtually. The meeting is part of the Project 'Gender Violence Protocols against Women Journalists in Latin America - […]

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Abraji launches report on Monitoring General Attacks and Gender-Based Violence against journalists in Brazil

"Last Tuesday (March 26), Abraji organized an online meeting that marked the launch of the new report 'Monitoring general attacks and gender-based violence.' The numbers are for the year 2023 and accompany analysis on the situation of press freedom in Brazil, addressing issues such as political, online and gender-based violence. Last year, 330 attacks on […]

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UN agency in Argentina publishes guide: 'Digital violence and harassment. Action tools for journalists'

"Gender violence online is a problem that increases year after year and women with a public voice, especially journalists, gender editors, politicians, activists and human rights defenders, are the main recipients. Therefore, it is key to address it responsibly, to prevent it from reproducing, to collaborate to prevent it and to work to eradicate it. […]

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Colombia approves fund to address cases of female journalists who are victims of gender violence

“On March 7, in the fourth debate, the House of Representatives [of Colombia] approved the bill that creates the Fondo No es Hora de Callar (It is not time to be silent fund) for the prevention, protection and assistance of female journalists who are victims of gender violence. This fund is part of the reparation […]

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Civil society organization announces survey on gender violence in journalism in Latin America

The civil association Communication for Equality is conducting an investigation into “the existence of gender violence protocols in the media in Latin America.” It is inviting journalists who work in media in the region to answer 20 questions on the topic. The project is supported by UNESCO's International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC) […]

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IFJ conducts 2023 Survey on situation of women press workers in Latin America and Caribbean

"[...] This first survey for Latin America and the Caribbean seeks to gain a deeper understanding of the main problems in order to develop better tools to address them. Group responses are indispensable for this stage, and that is why it is necessary that this type of study be truly representative of the reality faced […]

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UNHCR and Venezuelan journalists in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru launch manual to communicate about human mobility

"At a time when the Americas are facing several overlapping displacement situations, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, Venezuelan journalists' associations in Antioquia (Colombia), Ecuador and Peru, local journalists, with the coordination of the Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ), published the Manual para Comunicar sobre Movilidad Humana (Manual for Communicating Human Mobility). This guide, written […]

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Invisible, labeled, attacked: Report on Gender Representation in the Media provides solutions to achieve equality

"At the same time that they are conquering more and more space in society, running private companies, governments, parliaments, and civil organizations, women have not yet managed to occupy the place they deserve in the media, besides suffering stereotyped representation and being attacked more than men in social networks. This is the conclusion of a […]

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Register now for the UN virtual forum in Spanish 'Image in deconstructing stereotypes: Best practices in journalism'

"The relationship between journalism and the protection and defense of human rights is unbreakable. In cases of violence against women, information lacking a gender-based approach deepens gender gaps and can promote stigma, stereotypes, prejudice, prototypes, and even gender violence itself. The Forum is an important, diverse and open meeting space where women and men who work […]

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IWMF to offer scholarships in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and México through its ¡Exprésate! 2023 initiative

"The IWMF's ¡Exprésate! [Express Yourself!] initiative seeks to support the production of high quality journalism with a focus on gender and sexual diversity to bring to light the issues faced by women and LGBTQ+ people in Latin America. This April, the initiative will begin its fourth year of the professional development program for journalists in […]