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Brazilian prosecutor sues and encourages actions against fact-checking agency

"Federal prosecutor Ailton Benedito, former secretary of Human Rights and Collective Defense of the Federal Public Ministry (MPF), announced on his social networks that he is suing the fact-checking agency Aos Fatos. Ailton, who declares himself to be conservative and is aligned with Bolsonaro, was pointed out by the fact-checking site as one of the […]

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Journalists report assaults at government press conference in Amazonas, Brazil

"Last Thursday (Oct. 29), Manaus was the scene of another episode of aggression against press freedom in Brazil. What was supposed to be a press conference by the deputy governor of Amazonas, Carlos Almeida Filho (PTB), was converted into a speech and assaults by Military Police Sergeant Michele Welche Silva Lobo against journalists Rosiene Carvalho, […]

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Latin American media and journalists among finalists for the Fetisov Journalism Awards

Journalistic projects from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico are among the finalists for the Fetisov Journalism Awards. The prizes, which were given for the first time in 2019, have the mission of promoting "universal human values such as honesty, justice, courage and nobility through the example of outstanding journalists from all over the world as […]

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NSC TV team is attacked on Florianópolis beach in Brazil

“Two NSC TV professionals were attacked this Monday morning (Nov. 2) at a Campeche beach, in Florianópolis, while doing a report. The team recorded displays of disrespect for the state decree that stipulates rules against the coronavirus pandemic. On the scene were reporter Bárbara Barbosa and cameraman Renato Soder. The idea was to present the […]

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Brazil: TV team is attacked in Minas Gerais during reporting trip in health unit

"The team was in the emergency department of the municipality of Prata when a man, who identified himself as a doctor, advanced on reporter Arcênio Corrêa. The cameraman Stanley Mathias tried to separate the two and was also attacked." Read original article (in Portuguese)

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Brazilian journalist found alive after being abducted from his own home

UPDATE: Brazilian journalist Romano dos Anjos was found alive after being abducted from his home. Read original article (in Portuguese) ORIGINAL: "The 40-year-old journalist Romano dos Anjos was kidnapped on Monday night (Oct. 26), from the Aeroporto district, in the North of Boa Vista. According to the Military Police, he was at home, having dinner […]

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Data journalism conference Coda.Br 2020 offers 145 scholarships for registration

"In partnership with Google News Initiative, Hivos and the Brazilian Institute of Data Research and Analysis (IBPAD, for its acronym in Portuguese), the School of Data (Escola de Dados) is making a public call to people interested in getting a scholarship for Coda.Br 2020 (Brazilian Conference of Data Journalism and Digital Methods). In all, 145 […]

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Organizational surveys confirm deterioration of press freedom in Brazil

"In recent days, several organizations have published reports with alarming data about the situation of press freedom in Brazil. Today (Oct. 21,2020), Abraji (Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism) announced its own monitoring: 102 alerts were reported for stigmatizing speech - made only by public authorities - against journalists in Brazil in 2020. In 2019, it […]

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Brazil's Abraji launches Comprova + Comunidades, a project against misinformation

"Eight new initiatives dedicated to journalism join the 28 outlets that are part of Projeto Comprova to work against disinformation. The group is formed of collectives and agencies from the five regions of the country that are connected to audiences segmented by territories, racial or religious themes and vulnerable communities. The eight new members will […]

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Brazil has biggest drop in freedom of expression index among 161 countries, says report

“Brazil saw the biggest drop in the freedom of expression indicator in a report that analyzes the situation in 161 countries and that was published on Monday (19) by the international human rights organization Article 19. Brazil's fall was the most expressive in all comparisons made: the indicator fell 18 points in one year (from […]