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Haiti: Former mayor and former legislator are accused of 2019 murder of journalist Néhémie Joseph

"A former senator and a former mayor, along with five others, have been accused of murdering journalist Néhémie Joseph five years ago in a town in central Haiti. Judge Edwige Dorsainvil ordered pretrial detention for former legislator Rony Célestin, former mayor Lochard Laguerre, and Juste Chandou Clerjeune, Elionel Casséus, Angelina Fabiola Cameau, Douyon Rosevald, and […]

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IACHR Special Rapporteur warns about press freedom situation in Haiti and urges adoption of assistance measures for journalists

“On World Press Freedom Day, the Office of the Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression (SRFOE) of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) reiterates its concern for the grave situation of journalists in Haiti, a country that currently faces the greatest challenges to press freedom in the hemisphere. This Office urges the Presidential Transitional […]

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Prosecutor is accused of allegedly ordering murder of Haitian journalist Garry Tesse in 2022

"The October 2022 murder [of Haitian journalist Garry Tesse] sparked outrage and street protests. But the investigation into the death […] has languished, leading his family and friends to accuse the government of a cover-up to protect the man who is in charge of prosecuting the crime, Ronald Richemond. […] Shortly before his death, Tesse […]

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Haitian journalist Lucien Jura abducted and released as violence escalates in capital

UPDATE: Haitian journalist Lucien Jura has since been released after being abducted. ORIGINAL: "[Lucien] Jura was abducted from his home in Pétion-Ville on the outskirts of the capital, Port-au-Prince, on Monday, March 18, according to news reports. [...] On Tuesday [March 19], Jura confirmed his kidnapping in a brief phone call with the secretary-general of […]

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The Haitian Times thrives by understanding its audience, making smart financial decisions and embracing AI

Despite the challenges faced by the media industry, the Haitian Times –a print and digital newspaper catering to Haitian immigrants in the United States– has managed to not only survive but thrive by adapting to the changing needs of its audience. Through a combination of smart financial decisions, leveraging technology like AI, and deeply understanding […]

At least 5 journalists were injured during anti-government protests in Haiti

"At least five journalists who were covering anti-government protests in Haiti have suffered injuries from being shot, beaten and hit by projectiles in anti-government protests within the last two weeks. On Thursday [Feb. 8], freelance journalist Jean Marc Jean was struck in the face by a tear gas canister fired by an officer with the […]

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Haitian press leaves behind less deadly year, but remains in grave danger

"Journalist murders decreased in Haiti in 2023 compared to the previous year, but the local press continued to be a victim of crimes, kidnappings, and multiple threats due to high levels of instability and violence prevailing in the country. The absence of guarantees, the lack of minimum safety conditions, and the high degree of impunity […]

‘I’ll be killed if they find me’: Radio reporter Maxo Dorvil flees Haiti amid gang violence

“Haitian radio journalist Maxo Dorvil fled the country on November 7, 2023, after reporting that he was shot at twice in less than two weeks near his home on the outskirts of the capital Port-au-Prince. The 44-year-old journalist with the independent broadcaster Radio Télé Zip said he was shot at by two armed men on […]

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Journalists from Colombia, Guatemala and Haiti among nominees for RSF Press Freedom Awards

Reporters Without Borders (RSF, for its acronym in French) announced the journalists nominated for its thirty-first edition of the Press Freedom Awards, which will be presented on Nov. 28 in Brussels. There are 21 journalists, photographers, media outlets and press associations nominated in the three categories of the awards: Courage, Impact and Independence. RSF also […]

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Haiti joins list of countries where killers of journalists most likely to go unpunished

"Crisis-hit Haiti has emerged as one of the countries where murderers of journalists are most likely to go free, the Committee to Protect Journalists’ 2023 Global Impunity Index has found. A devastating combination of gang violence, chronic poverty, political instability, and a dysfunctional judiciary are behind the Caribbean country’s first inclusion on CPJ’s annual list […]