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Nicaraguan judge ratifies 8-year prison sentence for former director of Fundación Violeta Barrios de Chamorro

"The ninth judge of the criminal trial district of Managua, Luden Martín Quiroz García, confirmed the sentences of between 7 and 13 years in prison requested by the Public Ministry [of Nicaragua] against the five implicated in the case known as Fundación Violeta Barrios de Chamorro (FVBCH). (...) Cristiana Chamorro Barrios, former director of the […]

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Judge finds Nicaraguan journalist Miguel Mora guilty of conspiracy

"A Nicaraguan judge found journalist Miguel Mora guilty for the crime of 'conspiracy' on Feb. 4. Mora was one of seven presidential candidates imprisoned in the country for eight months, after announcing his intention to run against President Daniel Ortega. Ortega was re-elected in November for a fourth consecutive term. The former director of the […]

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Peru: Public prosecutor opens criminal investigation of OjoPúblico journalist for publishing audios in Lava Jato case

"The Public Prosecutor's Office opened an investigation against journalist Ernesto Cabral Mejía of OjoPúblico, for committing the alleged crime of unlawful disclosure, punishable by up to six years in prison. This was after 2019 when this news outlet and The Intercept Brasil revealed a series of [alleged] irregular dealings between the defendant for money laundering and […]

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Organization representing Venezuelan journalist Luis Carlos Díaz demands dismissal of his case

“Two years and seven months after his arbitrary detention, Espacio Público demands once again the dismissal of the case against Luis Carlos Díaz, a journalist and human rights defender whose court case continues despite the lack of evidence against him and even though the prosecutor's office has not delivered the final act of its investigation. […]

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IAPA rejects investigation of elPeriódico ordered by Guatemalan Supreme Court

"The Inter American Press Association (IAPA) rejects the order of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) of Guatemala to investigate the newspaper elPeriódico for publishing a document on alleged acts of corruption in public administration. The organization claims the CSJ must investigate the integrity of the complaint, not the whistleblowers. On September 27, the CSJ […]

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Guatemalan journalists association condemns 'judicial harassment' against La Hora

“This Friday [Aug. 28], the Guatemalan journalistic association condemned the ‘judicial harassment’ suffered by the local newspaper La Hora, whose directors have been criminally accused of violence against women by the official Alejandra Carrillo. The Association of Journalists of Guatemala (APG, for its acronym in Spanish) indicated in a press release that it 'repudiates' the […]

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New forms of judicial harassment against journalists in Latin America

"Journalists from Latin America warned about the use of new forms of judicial harassment –among them the Lawfare theory– by certain political sectors against journalism in the region. The most serious example was when on Tuesday [June 22] the 'justice' of the Daniel Ortega regime in Nicaragua raided the home of investigative journalist Carlos Fernando […]

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Deputy judge reverts to prosecute Argentine journalist Daniel Santoro despite the fact that Federal Chamber annulled the ruling

“Deputy federal judge of Dolores, Martín Bava, processed and detained Clarín journalist Daniel Santoro this Friday [June 18, 2021] for the same facts and with the same measure used by his predecessor, Alejo Ramos Padilla, -- as an alleged participant of an attempt to extort businessman K Mario Cifuentes -- despite that fact that the […]

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Former Peruvian presidential candidate sues journalist for US $26 million

"[In Peru], former presidential candidate and leader of the Alliance for Progress (APP, for its acronym in Spanish), César Acuña, sued the journalist and author of the book 'Plata como cancha,' Christopher Acosta, for alleged defamation. Likewise, he demanded the payment of civil compensation of 100,000,000 soles (about US $26 million) for allegedly having 'damaged […]

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Criminal complaints filed against journalists in Guatemala after publication on public interest case

“Journalists Marvin del Cid and Sonny Figueroa were denounced on May 21 by María Luisa Morales Gatica de Martínez and Claudia Ivonne Martinez Morales de Girón because of a journalistic investigation into the luxury properties that relatives of the former director of the Center of Government, Luis Miguel Martínez Morales, occupied during his tenure and […]