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Paraguay: Prosecutors ask media to identify journalists who investigated former President Horacio Cartes

“Paraguayan newspapers ABC Color and Última Hora denounced this Thursday [Aug. 24] that prosecutors from the Public Ministry requested certified copies of articles published last year and the identities of the journalists in charge of writing them, as part of an investigation in a process for alleged false denunciation. In separate articles that appeared on […]

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Guatemalan journalist José Rubén Zamora has been imprisoned for a year, victim of a 'flawed' trial

"Guatemalan journalist José Rubén Zamora Marroquín completed one year in prison this Saturday [July 29] since his arrest on July 29, 2022, only five days after voicing strong criticism of corruption allegations against the government of president Alejandro Giammattei. 'It has been an extremely difficult and complicated year, but we know that my father is […]

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Nicaragua: Journalist Victor Ticay found guilty of 'undermining national integrity' for covering religious event

"Courts in the service of the Ortega-Murillo regime have declared journalist Victor Ticay guilty of the bogus crimes of 'spreading fake news' and 'undermining the national integrity,' attorney Braulio Abarca, with the Nicaragua Nunca + [Never Again Nicaragua] Human Rights Collective informed. The journalist was taken to the Managua court complex in the early hours […]

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Guatemalan Prosecutor's Office requests 40 years in prison for José Rubén Zamora, founder of elPeriódico

"On Tuesday [May 30], the Special Prosecutor's Office Against Impunity (FECI, by its acronym in Spanish) of Guatemala's Public Prosecutor's Office asked for 40 years in prison for journalist José Rubén Zamora, founder of Guatemalan newspaper elPeriódico, for alleged crimes of money laundering, influence peddling and blackmail. The prosecution's request is for 20 years in […]

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Nicaraguan Prosecutor’s Office accuses journalist Víctor Ticay of treason and cybercrime

“On May 19, prosecutors accused Víctor Ticay, a correspondent for the Nicaraguan TV station Canal 10, of treason and cybercrime, according to multiple news reports. He has been held at a police station in Managua, the capital, since he was arrested while covering an Easter celebration on April 6. [...] Those news reports said that […]

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Chilean journalist Víctor Herrero fined in criminal defamation case

“On Monday, May 22, a criminal court in the capital city of Santiago [Chile] sentenced [Víctor] Herrero, editor of the independent news website Interferencia, on defamation charges and ordered him to pay the legal costs of the trial and a fine of 126,000 Chilean pesos (US $157), according to news reports, a report by his […]

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US Supreme Court rules against Puerto Rico journalists seeking documents from financial oversight board

"The US Supreme Court on Thursday [May 11] ruled against a group of Puerto Rico journalists who were seeking documents from the island’s financial oversight board, saying that the board is protected from such information requests by sovereign immunity. The case, ‘Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico v. Centro de Periodismo Investigativo,’ asked […]

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Colombia: Journalist Daniel Coronell does not accept retraction from former president Álvaro Uribe; criminal proceedings to continue

"On the night of April 11, former senator [and former president] Álvaro Uribe wrote on his Twitter account a correction about the accusations against journalist Daniel Coronell: 'He is not a drug trafficker,' he said. This post came hours after the Prosecutor's Office had summoned Uribe and Coronell to a proceeding to transfer an accusation […]

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‘We will not be silenced,’ Guatemalan journalists said during a protest against the judicial persecution of elPeriódico colleagues

"Nearly a hundred journalists from various media outlets in Guatemala staged a demonstration on Saturday [March 4] in front of the country's Supreme Court in protest for a judge's decision to investigate nine journalists due to their publications on different allegations. The demonstration was also to protest against the case of another journalist critical of […]

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Costa Rica: Journalist Marlon Mora is convicted of defamation in a lawsuit filed by former presidential candidate

"On Monday morning [March 6], the Criminal Court of the Second Judicial Circuit of San José convicted journalist Marlon Mora Jiménez of two counts of defamation against former presidential candidate and criminal lawyer Juan Diego Castro Fernández. According to the [radio] news show 'Interferencia,' the ruling imposed a fine of CRC 600,000 [about US $1,000] […]