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Nicaraguan journalists are giving up practicing the profession, according to NGO

“Nicaraguan journalists are gradually abandoning the profession due to the 'repression' carried out by the government led by Daniel Ortega and due to financial problems, the Foundation for Freedom of Expression and Democracy (FLED, for its acronym in Spanish), based in in Costa Rica, warned this Wednesday [April 10]. In a quarterly report titled 'Repression […]

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Nicaraguan journalist marks one year in prison

"Nicaraguan journalist Victor Ticay, imprisoned by the government of President Daniel Ortega after covering a religious activity, marked one year in prison on April 6 amid demands from organizations that defend press freedom that he be released. Ticay, originally from Nandaime, a city located about 70 kilometers south of Managua, was arrested on April 6, […]

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With many of its journalists in exile, La Prensa commemorates 98 years with special edition published in Nicaraguan territory

"The newspaper La Prensa, the oldest in Nicaragua, reaches 98 years old, resisting from exile and with a commemorative edition published by its journalists from Nicaraguan territory on the San Juan River. 'This year, journalists, using a Costa Rican boat with the right of free navigation on the San Juan River, Nicaraguan territory, have created […]

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Nicaragua: News outlet denounces disappearance of journalist critical of Daniel Ortega's regime

"The Nicaraguan opposition newspaper La Prensa denounced on Monday (Oct. 23) the disappearance of journalist Guillermo Miranda, a columnist for the newspaper and a leader of the Nicaraguan Resistance War Veterans Forces, a group opposed to the ruling Sandinista National Liberation Front. The news outlet said in a statement that Miranda, who was allegedly arrested […]

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At least 223 journalists have fled Nicaragua for safety reasons since April 2018

"At least 223 Nicaraguan journalists have left Nicaragua for security reasons or have been banished since April 2018, according to a report released by the regional network Voces del Sur and the Foundation for Freedom of Expression and Democracy. The report, titled 'Defamation, accusations and use of stigmatizing language: the 'opaque voice' of government spokespersons […]

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Report documents and systematizes five years of press freedom violations in Nicaragua

"1329 press freedom violations, mostly perpetrated by state agents, against 338 Nicaraguan journalists, and 378 aggressions against 78 media outlets were documented and systematized by the Foundation for Freedom of Expression and Democracy [FLED, by its Spanish acronym], between April 2018 and April 2023, one of the darkest and most violent periods for independent journalism […]

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Nicaragua: Journalist arrested for covering Catholic Church march sentenced to eight years in prison

"Nicaraguan journalist Víctor Ticay, arrested during Holy Week after covering a religious activity of the Catholic Church, was sentenced to eight years in prison, family sources told Voice of America who in turn asked not to be identified. Ticay was convicted of treason and false news. For the first charge, the reporter was sentenced to […]

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IAPA condemns banishment of yet another Nicaraguan journalist

"The Inter American Press Association (IAPA) condemned another attack by the Nicaraguan regime against journalism, after learning of the banishment of journalist Marcos Medina and his family, who were prevented from entering the country. Medina, director of the digital news outlet Fuentes Confiables [Trustworthy sources], was visiting Florida, United States, on a family medical matter. […]

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Nicaragua: Journalist Victor Ticay found guilty of 'undermining national integrity' for covering religious event

"Courts in the service of the Ortega-Murillo regime have declared journalist Victor Ticay guilty of the bogus crimes of 'spreading fake news' and 'undermining the national integrity,' attorney Braulio Abarca, with the Nicaragua Nunca + [Never Again Nicaragua] Human Rights Collective informed. The journalist was taken to the Managua court complex in the early hours […]

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Nicaraguan Prosecutor’s Office accuses journalist Víctor Ticay of treason and cybercrime

“On May 19, prosecutors accused Víctor Ticay, a correspondent for the Nicaraguan TV station Canal 10, of treason and cybercrime, according to multiple news reports. He has been held at a police station in Managua, the capital, since he was arrested while covering an Easter celebration on April 6. [...] Those news reports said that […]