Alleged misinformation campaigns by Mexican TV giant lead to creation of watchdog website

Journalists, academics and telecommunication experts joined together to form "Ya Basta de los Abusos de Televisa" (Enough already with Televisa's abuses), an organization dedicated to denouncing media campaigns and manipulation of information by the Mexican television and multimedia giant Televisa, reported the website La Silla Rota.

"Ya Basta" isn't the only organization criticizing Televisa. The website Televileaks also publishes accounts of alleged misinformation campaigns by the broadcaster aiming to discredit business leaders or public figures seeking to enter the highly concentrated Mexican television market.

"Ya Basta" was created by Simón Charaf, the owner of Bar Bar, where the Paraguayan soccer player Salvador Cabañas was shot in the head in 2010. According to Charaf, Televisa misrepresented details of the story to pressure him into selling his stock in a company that he and Televisa were shareholders. Charaf previously created the website "La verdad sobre el Bar Bar" (the truth about Bar Bar) to present his own version of the facts.

Respected telecommunication experts like Purificación Carpinteyro, ex-undersecretary of telecommunications, as well as media investigator Raúl Trejo Delarbre of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, and legislator Javier Corral, who was a journalist and media expert before his election.

"Televisa's abuses, attacks and misrepresentations grow bolder and bolder each time they go after someone," read a statement from the organization.