Argentine newspaper convicted for publishing 2009 article allegedly discriminatory against women

  • By Guest
  • March 16, 2012

An Argentine federal court convicted the newspaper Clarín for publishing an article that supposedly discriminates against women, reported the newspaper La Capital. Published on April, 5, 2009, the article, titled “The child factory: They conceive in numbers and obtain higher benefits from the state," was deemed "offensive" as it "inclined toward discrimination and psychological, sexual, and symbolic violence against women," reported the news agency UPI.

The article, written by journalist Pablo Calvo, reported on low-income mothers that have many children and receive benefits from the state, according to the newspaper El Entre Ríos. The lawsuit was filed by three Congress members who alleged that the story demonstrated "a total devaluation of the feminine condition,” added El Entre Ríos.

In the verdict, the Argentine court ordered the newspaper to "publish a rectification of the offensive story," on the same day that the article was written, using the same section, and the same amount of space, reported the news agency Télam.

Although Clarín had already recognized that the title of the article was “unfortunate,” the newspaper said that the lawsuit was "exaggerated" and that the verdict damages freedom of expression and is an intent to censor, reported the news outlet Tiempo Argentino.

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