Armando.info offers scholarship for international reporters investigating issues ignored by the media

Investigative journalism site Armando.info, which is based in Venezuela, is inviting journalists to propose stories on issues that are largely uncovered.

As part of the Reporting Projects Contest, the site will choose ten stories to receive a stipend of up to US $2,000 that will be published on Armando.info in 2017.

The purpose is “to promote investigative coverage of bi- or transnational issues, as well as to consolidate a market of Spanish-speaking users without borders,” Jenny Cabrera of Armando.info told the Knight Center.

Participants must be from Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Spain or the states of Texas or Florida. Cabrera said these markets were chosen because they have the largest or most prosperous Spanish-speaking populations.

Registration closes on Dec. 31. Email armandoinfocoordinacion@gmail.com for more information.

Project proposals must adhere to the following conditions, according to Armando.info:

“1. To discover a story or case of collective interest that is not present in the public coverage of local or international media, or that addresses a novel side of a topic or case that is already part of that coverage.

2. That the project can be executed or concluded by, at the latest, April 2017.

3. The application of investigative journalism techniques that are not used in daily reporting are employed

4. That stories or cases involve more than one country

5. That stories fall into one of these categories: corruption, organized crime, human rights, the environment

6. That it can be published on Armando.info (exclusively or in conjunction with other media)”

Armando.info was founded in 2010 by journalists Ewald Scharfenberg, Joseph Poliszuk and Alfredo Meza.

Note from the editor: This story was originally published by the Knight Center’s blog Journalism in the Americas, the predecessor of LatAm Journalism Review.