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Vandalism forces Honduran radio station off the air

According to C-Libre/IFEX, the harassment against Radio Uno in the city of San Pedro Sula has escalated during the past three months and this week its broadcast signal was interrupted when unknown persons cut the electricity to the station's transmitters.

Exiled English journalist returns to Argentina as columnist for the Buenos Aires Herald

Forced into exile in the United States more than 30 years ago for covering human rights abuses in Argentina during the military dictatorship (1976-1983), the London-born journalist Robert Cox now has returned to Argentina to write for the Buenos Aires Herald, that newspaper reported.

Colombian journalist survives assassination attempt

A man on a motorcycle shot five times at journalist Marco Tulio Valencia who was on his way to his home in Mariquita the night of Aug. 30, reported El Nuevo Día. The bullets hit a wall and window, but Valencia was uninjured.

Bolivian government accuses journalists of inciting crime against indigenous peoples

The prosecution of Bolivia has sued three journalists for "using the media to induce people to commit crimes," stemming from a case of violence and racism against indigenous peasants in the city of Sucre on May 24, 2008, reported Erbol.

13 Bolivian newspapers publish editorials defending self-regulation of the presss

In light of the on-going attempts at government regulation throughout Latin America, according to the National Press Association (ANP) of Bolivia, 13 of its affiliated newspapers have come out in favor of self-regulation and ratified their support for Article 107 of the Constitution: “Information and opinions transmitted via the media should respect the principles of honesty and accountability. These principles shall be exercised by the rules of ethics and self-regulation of journalist and media organizations and their n

No one injured during early morning raid on Mexican newspaper

The outside of the newspaper Noroeste in the city of Mazatlán was attacked at dawn by an organized crime group just hours after threatening calls were made to the publication, reported the agency DPA and Noroeste.

Residents of informal settlement in Argentina create TV channel

A group of residents of Villa 31 a large informal settlement , or slum , in the center of Buenos Aires, Argentina, launched its own television channel to show the problems and needs of the community, reported the news agency EFE.

Media help prosecutors identify police officers accused of torture during Brazilian dictatorship

Victims and relatives of victims recognized through images published in newspapers and magazines and broadcast on television three officials from the Sao Paulo Civil Police accused of directly participating in acts of torture, sexual abuse, forced disappearances and murder during the military regime (1964-1985), according to the federal prosecutors office.

Argentine government presents bill to regulate production of newsprint

In another chapter of the ongoing disputes between the Argentine government and the country's two main newspapers, Clarín e La Nación, President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner presented on Friday, Aug. 27, a bill that would make the production, distribution and commercialization of newsprint a "public good," reported the official news agency Télam.

Venezuelan president denounces international media campaign against his administration

Less than a month before Venezuela's elections, President Hugo Chavez accused media liked CNN in Spanish, The New York Times, and Grupo Prisa of Spain of orchestrating a campaign of "intrigues" and "lies" about his government and of sabotaging the coming elections, reported the news agency AFP and the magazine Semana.