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Chilean journalist facing prison for photographing indigenous conflict

Journalist Marcelo Garay Vergara could be sentenced to up to 200 days in prison for taking unauthorized photos of the Mapuche conflict from inside a farm in Padre Las Casas, in the south of Chile, reported La Nación. Sentencing is scheduled for Sept. 21.

Opposition makes case against Ecuador’s media bill to OAS

Seven legislators flew to D.C. to criticize Ecuador’s controversial draft media law in front of several international groups, including the Organization of American States and Freedom House, El Universo and EFE report.

Argentina says only newsstands, street vendors can sell newspapers

Argentina's president, Cristina Fernández, signed the regulations for a decree that returns exclusivity of newspaper and magazine sales to vendors, known as “canillitas”, selling publications in kiosks or on the street, reported the local press.

Bolivian journalists criticize anti-racism bill

The Bolivian Chamber of Deputies recently passed a controversial law that would criminalize racist or discriminatory acts, BBC Mundo reports. Journalism and media groups have said that the law, which is still waiting Senate approval, “violates freedom of expression,” because it could punish third parties for covering controversial issues.

Brazilian technology, transparency, and information access resources for the upcoming election

Brazil’s 2010 elections has been marked by the use of the internet as a means of broadening information access and bringing citizens into the electoral process, Global Voices’ Manuella Ribeiro writes. In this world of “Politics 2.0,” the candidates are using social media to campaign and participate in debates, while transparency and citizen participation projects are proliferating on the internet.

Argentine Senate approves proposed information access law

Argentine senators unanimously approved a bill guaranteeing free public information access in the country, reported La Nación. The measure will go to the House for debate at the end of the month, and is expected to be approved, added the state agency Télam and the publication Perfil.

Colombian prosecutor removed from case against journalist accused of terrorism ties

Prosecutor Ricardo Bejarano was taken off the investigation of TV journalist William Parra, just days after Bejarano had sought an arrest warrant for the Colombian reporter, accusing him of links to guerrillas, reported the Associated Press (AP).

Peruvian Gustavo Gorriti wins New Journalism award

The Ibero-American New Journalism Foundation (FNPI) will give the Cemex+FNPI New Journalism Prize to Peruvian journalist Gustavo Gorriti in recognition of his outstanding track record of investigative journalism.

Brazilian reporter harassed while covering campaign rally

Janaina Ribeiro, reporter for Gazetweb, was attacked and robbed the afternoon of Wednesday, Sept. 8, during a rally in Maceió in support of the candidate for governor of Alagoas in northeast Brazil, Teotonio Vilela Filho.

Strangers burn motorcycle of Colombian radio reporter who covered corruption

Two individuals set on fire the motorcycle of journalist Alberto Caballero Parejo, owner of the community radio station Innovación Estéreo (Innovation Stereo) in Ciéanaga, reported El Informador. Neighbors warned the journalist and helped him to put out the fire.