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Venezuelans turn city buses into newsrooms in order to fight disinformation

“Good morning. This is the El Bus TV newscast, we’ve come to bring you these headlines.”

ELN releases Dutch journalists being held in Colombia's Catatumbo

Updated (June 26): The Colombian and Dutch governments have confirmed the release of two Dutch journalists being held by the National Liberation Army (ELN for its acronym in Spanish) in northeast Colombia. 

Latin Americans take home POY Latam awards for photographing life around the globe

Photographers from nine countries in Ibero-America were among the winners of the 2017 Pictures of the Year Latam (POY Latam) contest. The biennial competition awards excellence in documentary and artistic photography across Latin America, Spain, Portugal and the United States. This year, finalists from more than 1,900 entries were judged in Barcelona, Spain, and the winners were announced on May 27.

Venezuelan journalists covering daily demonstrations must guard against police, 'colectivos,' and protestors

May 26 marked 56 days of continuous protests against Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, during which journalists face aggression from police, armed collectives and protesters alike.

Mexican reporter's murder leads to widespread protest of violence against journalists and impunity

When Javier Valdez’s colleague Miroslava Breach was killed in Chihuahua on March 23 of this year, Valdez wrote on Twitter, “No Al Silencio” (No to Silence), a rejection of censorship and violence against the press in his country. Following his own murder, Valdez's colleagues have picked up those words to continue the fight.

Award-winning Mexican journalist and author who covered drug trafficking is killed in Sinaloa

Internationally recognized, award-winning Mexican journalist Javier Valdez Cárdenas was fatally shot by unknown individuals early Monday afternoon, according to Ríodoce, the newspaper he co-founded 14 years ago where he was still a reporter.

Survey shows freelancers working in Spanish are optimistic about the future of journalism

After conducting a month-long census of freelance journalists working in Spanish in Latin America, researchers found that most are optimistic about the future of journalism.

Pre-ISOJ seminar tackles issues facing journalists reporting on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border

Journalists from both sides of the border tackled modernization, fake news and corruption during the Bridging the Border seminar the day before the International Symposium on Online Journalism (ISOJ) on Thursday, April 20.

Freedom of the press also targeted virtually in Venezuela, where cyberattacks can force independent sites offline

In the final days of March 2017, several journalists were assaulted during anti-government protests in Venezuela, but recent attacks on journalists in this country have not been exclusively physical. Earlier in the month, a series of cyberattacks forced several Venezuelan independent media outlets to temporarily shut down their websites.

Two journalists survive shootings in Mexico within 24 hours; three others killed this month

In the early morning hours of March 28, journalist Julio Omar Gómez's house was set on fire in Baja California Sur and the bodyguard charged with protecting his life was shot and killed. About 24 hours later and across the country, Armando Arrieta Granados was shot while arriving home in Veracruz. Both journalists escaped, but one is in the hospital in serious condition.