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Jailed Cuban journalist describes conditions in Havana prison as "uninhabitable"

The anti-censorship website from Reporters Without Borders, We Fight Censorship, recently highlighted the case of Cuban journalist Calixto Ramón Martínez Arias, who was jailed in September, 2012, by authorities after he published a series of articles about a health crisis on the island. The website published the articles that led to his arrest and two telephone conversations offering a rare look into the prison's harsh conditions from the inside. 

Thieves steal laptop of Chilean journalist investigating secret services during Pinochet dictatorship

Unknown men broke into the home of Chilean journalist Mauricio Weibel on Dec. 15 and stole his laptop, in which he kept his investigation on the armed forces' secret services during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, informed Reporters Without Borders.

Em Honduras, organização denuncia "censura" de spot de rádio sobre democratização na distribuição de frequências

O Comitê pela Livre Expressão, o C-Libre, denunciou que uma empresa de rádio de Honduras censurou, sem justificativa, um spot feito pela organização para defender a democratização do espectro radioelétrico.

Press freedom group in Honduras denounces "censorship" of radio ad supporting the democratization of the broadcast spectrum

The Committee for Free Expression, or C-Libre, claimed that a radio station in Honduras censored without explanation a radio spot it paid for advocating the democratization of the broadcast spectrum. 

Organización periodística de Honduras denuncia "censura" de spot radial sobre diversidad en espectro radioeléctrico

El Comité por la Libre Expresión, o C-Libre, denunció el martes que una empresa radial de Honduras censuró sin explicación un spot que la organización había contratado para instar a la democratización del espectro radioeléctrico.

Gruesome Tijuana, Mexico find underscores need to humanize stories, border reporter says

After six years, Mexico’s drug war has left little to the imagination. With these haunting acts of violence, covering the saga has challenged reporters to go beyond gruesome discoveries.

CPJ launches Speak Justice campaign to fight impunity

The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) launched the Speak Justice: Voices against Impunity campaign on Wednesday, Dec. 6. 

Arsonists set fire to journalists' organization offices in Venezuela

The headquarters of the Venezuelan National Union of Journalists (CNP in Spanish) in the Caribbean state of Miranda was set on fire in the early morning of Friday, Nov. 30, reported the Press and Society Institute.

Mexico’s Attorney General is now denying journalists access to state facilities

Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office, or PGR — which is in charge of investigating federal crimes like drug and arms trafficking — is now denying journalists access to their facilities all over the country, news weekly Proceso reported.

Media organizations question decision to honor the president of Ecuador with freedom of expression award

La Plata University (UNLP in Spanish) in Argentina honored Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa with a freedom of expression award. The prize was previously awarded to President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela and Bolivian President Evo Morales in 2011 and 2008, respectively.