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Third Venezuelan news outlet attacked in a week

Armed individuals opened fire against the headquarters of a newspaper in the state of Zulia, in northeast Venezuela, on the night of Sunday, June 3, reported La Nación. This is the third attack in one week against news media outlets in the region.

Media groups outraged after another attack on Argentine journalists

On Tuesday, June 5, Argentine journalists were attacked by a gang that identifies itself as supporters of Governor Jesús Cariglino while they were trying to cover an alleged malpractice case in the city hospital of Pablo Nogués in Malvinas Argentinas of the province of Buenos Aires, reported the newspaper La Voz.

Colombian journalist reports about plot to kill him

A Colombian activist and journalist said that a "narco-paramilitary" team plans to kill him as soon as possible and will pay $200,000 for it to happen, reported the news agency EFE.

Venezuelan journalist threatened for covering prison conflicts demands protection

A Venezuelan reporter from the newspaper El Universal filed a complaint with the Venezuelan Public Ministry, on Monday, June 4, after receiving a threat for publishing reports about recent conflicts in the prison La Planta, in Caracas, reported El Impulso.

Argentine reporters attacked while covering protest for second time in 10 days

A team of reporters was attacked during a demonstration in Buenos Aires, Argentina, while trying to cover a "pots and pans" protest in front of the Court Palace the night of Friday, June 1. The incident occurred just 10 days after the same reporting team was attacked by another group of protesters in the same place, reported the Argentine Association of Journalistic Entities.

Two Peruvian journalists sentenced to two years in prison for alleged defamation

On Tuesday, June 5, two Peruvian journalists were sentenced to two years in prison and fined to pay more than $22,000 each to the former Interior Minister, Antonio Ketín Vidal Herrera, who accused the journalists of "alleged defamation" on January 12, 2011, reported the Press and Society Institute.

In just two days, a wave of attacks and threats against journalists occur throughout Peru

According to the Press and Society Institute (IPYS in Spanish), between Wednesday, May 30 and Thursday May 31, a wave of journalists were attacked and threatened all across Peru,the majority of them while they were trying to cover different protests throughout the country.

10 years after investigative reporter Tim Lopes was killed, 2012 has become the most dangerous year for journalists in Brazil

Sunday, May 3, marked 10 years since the death of Brazilian investigative journalist Tim Lopes, who was tortured and killed while reporting on a favela, or slum, in Rio de Janeiro. A decade later, 2012 has become the most violent year for Brazilian journalists, according to the newspaper Estado de São Paulo. In just five months, four journalists have been killed for their work.

Brazilian journalists recommend useful tools for investigative reporting with data

In the making of investigative reports, journalists need to work with different sources, codes, and data of varying formats. Online, there are tools available for creating and manipulating databases, but the question is knowing which are the most useful for investigative journalism. The Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas asked this question to four Brazilian reporters.

Brazilian newspaper launches tablet app focused on electoral coverage

On Sunday, May 27, the Brazilian newspaper Estado de São Paulo launched an exclusive app for tablets that focuses on municipal electoral coverage that will take in October, reported the Portal Imprensa. The app gathers news, videos, and analyses about the elections in the main Brazilian cities.