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Journalists in NE Brazil campaign online for higher pay and better conditions

Journalists in the northeastern state of Rio Grande do Norte earn a base salary of $525 a month, the lowest in Brazil. They have launched a strong Internet campaign to criticize the decline of the profession in their state, and to demand a salary increase and respect for their human rights, the Portal Imprensa media news site reports.

Venezuela’s Chávez reignites duel with opposition TV owner

President Hugo Chávez said it is not acceptable for the TV station Globovisión to criticize his government, while its majority shareholder, Guillermo Zuloaga, remains a fugitive of Venezuelan justice, The Associated Press reports.

Bolivia ends comment phase for controversial anti-racism law

The Bolivian government has finished a series of public debates in nine regions of the country to discuss how the new anti-racism law will be enforced, Prensa Latina reports. According to Los Tiempos, the rules should be ready before the end of the year.

South American journalists hold tri-national training event on the “Triple Frontier"

Journalists from Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil will gather in the border cities of the three countries Nov. 26-28, 2010, to attend the First International Journalists Meeting on the Triple Frontier. The Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas is a co-sponsor of the gathering.

Mexican journalist wins world prize for his work in Ciudad Juárez

Britain's Rory Peck Trust presented its Martin Adler Prize to freelance news cameraman Arturo Pérez for his distinguished journalistic work in Ciudad Juárez, the epicenter of the violence linked to organized crime in Mexico.

Journalist threatened and audited after criticizing Panama’s president

The president of Panama’s National Journalism Council, Guillermo Antonio Adames, reported that he received threats from individuals close to President Ricardo Martinelli, La Estrella and Panamá América report.

Peruvian reporter is threatened after talking to police about death of mayor

Journalist Roberto Gálvez said he received insulting and threatening phone calls shortly after giving a statement to authorities investigating the shooting death of Mayor Aucayacu Wilder Miranda, reports Inforegión, where Gálvez is a regional correspondent.

New OAS site offers digital resources for science journalists

The Organization of American States (OAS) has launched scientificjournalism.org, the Inter-American Scientific Journalism Portal, billed as a “virtual space for the diffusion of knowledge, science and technology.”

Two Clarín journalists testify in Buenos Aires wiretapping scandal

Two journalists for Clarín newspaper, Daniel Santoro and Gerardo Young, testified Wednesday, Nov. 17, to a parliamentary commission that is investigating an illegal wiretapping scandal involving the city government of Buenos Aires, Clarín reports.

Mexico's regional newspapers limit coverage of cartels' role in drug violence, report shows

A new report from the Fundación MEPI, an independent investigative journalism center, says that the regional press in Mexico cover less than 5 percent of killings, attacks and violence linked to organized crime in the country, and the silence imposed by the cartels has created "black holes of information."