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Journalist threatened and audited after criticizing Panama’s president

The president of Panama’s National Journalism Council, Guillermo Antonio Adames, reported that he received threats from individuals close to President Ricardo Martinelli, La Estrella and Panamá América report.

Peruvian reporter is threatened after talking to police about death of mayor

Journalist Roberto Gálvez said he received insulting and threatening phone calls shortly after giving a statement to authorities investigating the shooting death of Mayor Aucayacu Wilder Miranda, reports Inforegión, where Gálvez is a regional correspondent.

New OAS site offers digital resources for science journalists

The Organization of American States (OAS) has launched scientificjournalism.org, the Inter-American Scientific Journalism Portal, billed as a “virtual space for the diffusion of knowledge, science and technology.”

Two Clarín journalists testify in Buenos Aires wiretapping scandal

Two journalists for Clarín newspaper, Daniel Santoro and Gerardo Young, testified Wednesday, Nov. 17, to a parliamentary commission that is investigating an illegal wiretapping scandal involving the city government of Buenos Aires, Clarín reports.

Mexico's regional newspapers limit coverage of cartels' role in drug violence, report shows

A new report from the Fundación MEPI, an independent investigative journalism center, says that the regional press in Mexico cover less than 5 percent of killings, attacks and violence linked to organized crime in the country, and the silence imposed by the cartels has created "black holes of information."

Mexican deputies pass budget allocating funds to protect journalists

The Chamber of Deputies passed a 2011 federal budget that includes more than $2 million for journalist life insurance, El Universal reports. The funds are set to go towards medical services, funeral costs, and damages.

Brazilian journalist Daniela Arbex wins the Knight International Journalism Award (Interview)

Since she began her career as a journalist in the medium-sized city of Juiz de Fora at the age of 22, Daniela Arbex was always told she needed to move to Rio de Janiero, São Paulo, or Brasília to have an impact. But she decided to stay and work for Tribuna de Minas, a paper with a circulation of 15,000, distributed in a city of around 600,000 people. It was here that she became a renowned Brazilian investigative journalist.

Brazilian court releases dictatorship-era documents on president-elect

The Superior Military Court (STM) has given the Folha de S. Paulo newspaper access to documents on President-elect Dilma Rousseff’s arrest and imprisonment during the dictatorship (1964-1985), Folha reports. Carlos Alberto Soares, the court’s top justice, had previously denied the paper access to the information, saying he was attempting to prevent it from being used for political purposes during the presidential election campaign.

Argentine broadcaster robbed on live radio while discussing urban crime

Journalist Rodrigo Sepúlveda of Radio Nihuil in Mendoza, Argentina, was robbed and threatened by three armed men who stole his cell phone and wallet while he was broadcasting live on Tuesday from the La Gloria neighborhood, the newspaper Los Andes reports. Listeners could hear the incident live until the gunmen took the broadcaster's phone and turned it off.

Cuban blogger Sánchez wins CEPOS Freedom Award

Yoani Sánchez, the dissident author of the blog Generación Y, was honored for her work toward free expression in Cuba by the Denmark-based Center for Political Studies (CEPOS), AFP reports.