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Paraguayan government denies it tried to limit coverage of President Lugo's health

In a failed attempt to avoid speculations in the press about the health of Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo, who is undergoing treatment for lymphatic cancer, the president's brother, Pompeyo Lugo, asked the courts to prevent the media from revealing any information recorded in the official medical reports. The appeal for protection was removed days later, after protests and cries of censorship, according to La Nación.

Despite threats to Nicaragua’s press freedom, good journalism can emerge, veteran journalist says

Two years ago this week, a police raid on a media research center in Managua run by journalist Carlos Fernando Chamorro prompted international concern that President Daniel Ortega’s government was persecuting his critics—such as Chamorro—and violating press freedom.

Paraguayan government to launch free weekly newspaper

The country’s National Information Agency announced it will start a new free weekly paper, with nationwide circulation, that will cover the activities of the government, including news from different ministries, departments, and public institutions, Radio Ñandutí reports.

Peruvian president says press is to blame for anti-politician insults

In the midst of a scandal over allegedly slapping a man who called him “corrupt,” President Alan García blamed the media for the incident, Peru.com reports. He claims the media is inciting the population against the government.

Banks to sell off stock in Ecuadoran media outlets

After legislative threats by the National Assembly, Ecuador’s Banking Board – which regulates the financial system – unanimously overturned a rule that allowed banks to own up to 25 percent of a media outlet, El Universo and El Comercio report.

Social media serve as news media and information source during Ecuador's political crisis

During the chaotic episode that began with the police and military protesting and ended in what President Rafael Correa called a coup attempt, Ecuador's media was forced to simulcast the official version of events via a forced link with the state's official channels, reported El Mundo.

Brazilian opposition candidate ditches interview claiming media bias

Presidential candidate José Serra (PSDB) became upset with the press during an interview session and accused the paper Valor Econômico of favoring his opponent, the governing party candidate Dilma Rousseff (PT), iG and Folha de S. Paulo report.

As deals roll in, rescued miners keep media silence

The tragedy that trapped 33 miners and their emotional rescue – followed by nearly one billion people worldwide– continues to draw coverage, even as the miners and their families stay away from the press, Reuters reports.

Journalists from Ciudad Juárez demand justice from Mexico’s president

During President Felipe Calderón’s trip to the violent border city across from El Paso, Texas, a group of journalists from Ciudad Juárez called on the president to solve the killings of their colleagues, EFE and the International Press Institute report.

Cuba frees 17th journalist jailed in 2003

Alfredo Felipe Fuentes has arrived in Madrid with 10 family members following his release from prison Oct. 8, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) reports. Thirteen political prisoners including 17 journalists have been released from Cuban prisons since President Raúl Castro agreed in July to free 52 people.