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Austin Forum keynote urges journalists to move beyond official sources to improve immigration coverage

"You can't imagine El Salvador without immigrants," said José Luis Benítez, keynote speaker for the 9th Austin Forum on Journalism in the Americas.

Journalist attacked by Brazilian governor's bodyguards

The journalist Silene Borges, host and director of TV Líder, accused the bodyguards of Siqueira Campos, governor of Tocantins, Brazil, of attacking her while visiting the city of Araguaína on Sept. 6, reported Portal O Norte.

Venezuela wants to increase access to Internet, not limit it, minister says

Venezuela's minister of Information and Communications, Andrés Izarra, announced that President Hugo Chávez's government wants to increase the population's access to the Internet, not limit it.

Brazilian version of the Huffington Post to launch in November, editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington says

After launching versions in Canada and the United Kingdom, in November The Huffington Post will release a Brazilian edition of the site.

Death of reporting team in plane crash shocks Chile

Five officials from Televisión Nacional de Chile (TVN) died Friday, Sept. 2, in an accident involving a Chilean Air Force plane in the Juan Fernández archipelago, approximately 420 miles from Santiago, reported BBC Mundo.

Court forbids Brazilian media group from identifying councilman involved in public funds scandal

A court in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul has prohibited media outlets from the company Grupo RBS from publishing the name or image of a councilman, Adenir Mengue Webber from the city of Dom Pedro de Alcântara.

Councilman accused of verbally assaulting journalist in southern Brazil

Councilman Paulo Soni, in the city of Maringá (in the Brazilian state of Paraná), is accused of verbally threatening reporter Fábio Linjardi from the newspaper O Diário, that newspaper reported.

Knight Center founder opens 34th annual communication conference in Brazil

The founder and director of the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas, professor Rosental Calmon Alves, of the University of Texas at Austin, will give the opening address of the 34th Brazilian Congress of Communiaction Sciences.

Human Rights Commission accuses Venezuela of censoring press

The Organization of American States' Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) accused Venezuela of censoring the country's media, EFE reported.

Journalists' enthusiasm sends "Coverage of Drug Trafficking" course into overtime

Lively debates, one to two-hour chats and enthusiastic participation were the hallmarks of Alvaro Sierra’s “The Coverage of Drug Trafficking" course.