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Despite sunshine law, Uruguay's state telecom company refuses journalist's information request

Uruguay's state-run telecommunications company, Antel, denied journalist David Rabinovich information about its marketing expenses, despite a 2010 access to public information law.

Blog post accusing lawyer gets Brazilian journalist $54,000 fine

A court in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, sentenced journalist Paulo Henrique Amorim, host of the show Domingo Espetacular on Rede Record, to pay damages amounting to more than $54,000 to the lawyer Nélio Machado.

Brazilian newspaper launches WikiLeaks-like site for citizens to submit information

The newspaper Folha de São Paulo, the second largest in Brazil in terms of circulation launched on Sunday, Sept. 18, a WikiLeaks copycat site allowing readers to anonymously submit documents, reported Folha de São Paulo.

Organizations concerned about mounting violence against journalists covering student protests in Chile

Reporters Without Borders and the Journalists Union of Chile condemned the increasing violence against journalists in Chile, reported Nación.cl and the news agency EFE.

Brazilian judge lifts injunction protecting name of corrupt councilman

Judge Leonel Pires Ohlweiler of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil overturned the injunction preventing the RBS media group from releasing the name and image of a councilman accused of corruption.

Court prohibits magazine's circulation at mayor's request in Brazil

The judge of Nova Lima in Belo Horizonte, Brazil prohibited the circulation of the magazine Viver Brasil, reported the Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism (Abraji).

Venezuelan ministry denies newspaper press access following critical report

The Venezuelan Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MTC in Spanish) told the newspaper TalCual that it would not longer have access to MTC representatives.

Brazilian ex-presidents once again delay vote on information access bill in Senate

Former Brazilian president and current senator, Fernando Collor de Melo, along with another ex-president and current president of the Senate, José Sarney, executed a "maneuver" to slow the vote on an information access bill in the Congress,

Argentine TV team attacked while covering march on anniversary of Chilean military coup

A group of hooded men attacked a news team from the Argentine public television channel Canal 7 during a march commemorating the 38th anniversary of the Sept. 11 military coup in the Chilean capital of Santiago.

Journalist groups demand thorough investigation into shooting death of radio reporter in Brazilian Amazon

The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) is calling on Brazilian authorities to "thoroughly" investigate the killing of a radio journalist in the Amazonian city of Tabatinga, located in the triple-frontier between Brazil, Colombia and Perú.