Authorities detain man suspected in murder of reporter in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

The Attorney General of the State of Quintana Roo reported that a man was in custody of the public prosecution for “his probable participation” in the murder for a communicator on May 16 in colonia Forjadores.

Francisco Romero (Facebook)Francisco Romero (Facebook)

Francisco Romero, general director of the Facebook news page Ocurrió Aquí and collaborator for other media in Quintana Roo, was killed on that date outside a bar in colonia Forjadores.

Via a press release, the Attorney General said one of three men detained for an investigation into an attack at another bar on May 13 allegedly said he acted in the murder of a communicator.

According to what authorities said he told them, the man received a phone call early in the morning of May 16 that told him to go to a bar.

Once at the place, he was given a telephone and a gun, and allegedly told by phone to kill the communicator, according to the Attorney General. A bar security guard then allegedly told the man the reporter was outside, the authorities reported.

At the exit to the bar, the man saw the reporter talking with the person who allegedly gave him the telephone and gun, allegedly shot the reporter and then fled, according to the Attorney General.

During a press conference regarding the detention, Attorney General Óscar Montes de Oca Rosales said no line of investigation would be discarded. Montes de Oca reported that those detained allegedly are part of a local criminal group, but that they gave the names of multiple cartels they belonged to, which the official said was an attempt to scare the public.

Investigation will be done on the telephone calls and search warrants will be made to obtain area video, the official said. He added that authorities had 48 hours to determine the men’s legal situation.

Romero’s burial was held on May 20, according to Ocurrió Aquí.

On May 13, one person died and 11 more were injured after a shooting at the bar Chapultepec in the municipality of Solidaridad in Playa del Carmen, as reported by Infobae. The governor of the state of Quintana Roo then assumed control of the municipality, it said.

The attack on the bar was one of the last things Romero reported on for Ocurrio Aquí.