Bolivian journalist faces death threats after exposing corruption in coroner's office

"I'm scared," Bolivian journalist Mónica Oblitas wrote on her personal blog Sept. 1, "Not long ago, I received death threats."

"Your days are numbered," was one of several telephone and e-mail messages she received after publishing a report in the newspaper La Prensa on April 4 about a coroner who charged money for false death certificates.

Following the article's publication, the coroner Ericka Hinojosa Saavedra was fired even though she was never tried for the alleged corruption, according to El Diario.

Oblitas told the National Association of the Press that she was distressed because she didn't know how protect herself from the threats, the newspaper reported.

The Committee to Protect Journalists expressed its concern over the repeated death threats and harassment against the journalist following her investigation into the Forensic Research Institute.