Brazilian journalist attacked inside city hall

Owner of the newspaper Metropolitans, journalist Cristiane Fortes, was attacked on the morning of Aug. 25 inside the city hall of Quatro Barras in the Brazilian state of Paraná, reported Paraná Online.

The owner of Metropolitans said she went to the city hall to complain about a report criticizing her work. When she arrived, she was beaten and kicked by the city's planning consultant, Frederico Bernardi, according to CWB News.

Fortes said the authorities perceive her as an enemy after publishing frequent criticisms about questionable bids, nepotism and diversion of city funds. After the incident, the journalist was taken to a hospital where she received seven stitches on her face, added the Gazeta do Povo.

The mayor of Quatro Barras said in a statement that the journalist barged into the offices without permission, challenged city officials and attacked Bernardi, who acted in self-defense, reported G1. According to the statement, "the issue will be resolved through the appropriate channels."

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