Brazilian journalist finds dynamite stick on his balcony; prosecutor suspects political motivations

journalist was surprised when he found a dynamite stick on his apartment's balcony in the city of Matozinhos in the state of Minas Gerais, on Saturday, May 5, reported the newspaper Estado de Minas. Oswaldo Mesquita, news site editor for Informatoz, was at his home with his wife, two kids, and other family members. There was no explosion, reported the news site G1.

Mesquita's brother-in-law was sweeping the balcony floor when he found the artifact, which he handled, thinking it was a child's toy, according to the portal Band.

The family called the military police's Special Tactics Actions Group, which confirmed that it was an explosive and later closed off the entire block, reported Informatoz, the news site the journalist works for.

Aside from being an editor for Informatoz, Mesquita is also the president of the Association for the Fight against Corruption in Matozinhos. According to the news site Hoje em Dia, the journalist suspects that the attack is related to the reports produced by the association. The prosecutor of the city, Geraldo Magela Lopes, also suspects the attack is motivated by political reasons, reported Estado de Minas. The Public Ministry and Civil police are investigating the case.