Brazilian newspaper launches tablet app focused on electoral coverage

On Sunday, May 27, the Brazilian newspaper Estado de São Paulo launched an exclusive app for tablets that focuses on municipal electoral coverage that will take in October, reported the Portal Imprensa. The app gathers news, videos, and analyses about the elections in the main Brazilian cities.

Christened as E-voto, the app is divided in several sections and will show candidate messages on Twitter, according to its website Estado. "E-voto offers a general perspective of the municipal elections in a pleasant, interactive, and, at the same time, analytical edition," said Claudia Belfort, head publisher of the Digital Contents of Grupo Estado, owner of the newspaper.

Along with the app, Grupo Estado also launched the website 2012 elections, a multimedia platform with informative graphics, blogs, and pre-election analysis, according to the portal Comunique-se. There is also a space for collaborative content that can be sent by anyone.