Brazilian newspaper launches WikiLeaks-like site for citizens to submit information

The newspaper Folha de São Paulo, the second largest in Brazil in terms of circulation launched on Sunday, Sept. 18, a WikiLeaks copycat site allowing readers to anonymously submit documents, reported Folha de São Paulo.

The site, FolhaLeaks, is defined as a "program created to receive information capable of generating stories of public interest."

According to the Press Observatory, as of the morning of Monday, Sept. 19, the site had received 1,350 submissions. If that average is maintained, the site will need its own special team to review submissions, the website said, adding that why journalistic responsibilities will be adhered to, there is "no guarantee" that the site won't leak information from still confidential documents, "damaging the results of important official investigations."

In May, the Wall Street Journal launched its own version of a WikiLeaks-like site. Despite being called SafeHouse, critics have contended the site is not secure.

Other similar sites are Localeaks, which collects information for various U.S. newspapers, and Al Jazeera's Transparency Unit, which also were inspired by WikiLeaks.